Carriage Farm


A beautifully restored farmhouse anchors this 20,000 sqft office complex designed to complement the existing historic architecture while offering modern amenities. Our high performance systems provide fresh air ventilation and deliver continuous filtration providing you with a healthy and safe place to work. Office sizes range from 130 – 215 sqft for private workspace to 3,000 sqft of open, flexible floor plan.


The Owners

Ed & Sue Clerico

An agricultural engineer, environmentalist, entrepreneur and farmer – Ed has spent his career working in the water resource business focusing on water conservation through reuse.

A land use planner, nature lover, animal welfare advocate and traveler – Sue’s career has spanned multiple disciplines of planning from environmental, housing, transportation and as LEED AP overseeing the LEED certification process for the Carriage Farm office addition.

Together we share the belief that people desire a sense of connection. Connection to others, to nature, to their work and to self. We built Carriage Farm based on this ideal.


Our History



The Carriage Farm property dates back to the 18th century when it was purchased by a group of Dutch investors and later settled by Dutch immigrants who began the long rich history of farming the land.  In 1986 the property was purchased by Ed Clerico who blended its agricultural heritage with his vision for the future.  On the 20-acre tract, he used one of the oldest farmhouses in Hillsborough Township as the base for a combination of modern offices and existing farm structures.  The property shows as a current, efficient office building when seen from County Route 514, and a restored farmstead and active farm when viewed from Clerico Lane.


The Farm


The land has been in agricultural use for over 300 years. Today, regenerative agriculture coexists with commercial activities at Carriage Farm, providing immeasurable benefits to employees and visitors as well as the surrounding community.  It is a special place where you can go to work and see animals grazing in a pasture outside your window instead of contrived landscapes and a sea of parking.


Carriage Farm is a distinct property offering a place for healthy work-life integration and engagement with nature and community.

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